About us

Khouse started 1984. Since our start we have developed and delivered secure IT-solutions to government bodies, military organizations and businesses with very high secuirty requierments. 

Our core business objective today is lifecycle management, working with key suppliers and helping businesses procure network equipment. 

Some landmarks in our History:

1985: Our lead engineer and founder (who is with us to this day) does final quality control on the gyrosoftware, written in ADA, for SAAB Space Arianrocket. 

1986: We build compilation software to convert AVAB production system to unix environment with 140 users. This was one of the first large Client/server projects in Sweden and Konsulthuset MMI AB (KHOUSE.SE) was AT&T unix partner in the nordic region

1989: Intel Corp writes in their manual for X-11-SYSTEM V/369: “Special Thanks to our Beta testsites for their patience and cooperation, especially Phil Tharp at NASA Kennedy Space Center and Peter Ullberg of Konsulthuset”. We were Intels UNIX partner in the Nordics.

1989: We started working with thin-clients

1991: Our engineers built a graphical user interface prototype for SAAB automobile, to make sales easier for car dealers 

1992: SHSTF gave us a mission to develop a statistic-program

1996: We are approved by Ericssons global buying commitee for workstations (in good party with Sun, HP, Dev and IBM)

1996: We are authorized to the highest level by SunSoft

1997: Our engineers develop software for negotiation and presentation for a major labour union

1998: We become agents for Netier, creating unique customer tailored product solutions

1999: Konsulthuset MMI AB (KHOUSE.se) is authorized reseller of ADIC.

1999: We sign a strategic partnership with Combitech.

1999: Our engineers go through certification for HP, StorageTek and Legato.